The High Chassezac Gorge

The picture featured on the home page is taken in the heart of the High Chassezac Gorge.  While it isn’t a stroll, for the hardy it’s a forty minute descent [and an hour’s hard ascent afterwards].    The picture at the bottom of the post shows a full view of the pool.  You dive in from the large boulder on the left, and there are a couple of ways out [scrambling up on the bottom right].  The setting is stunning, and the water not cold.  The canyonners traverse the wall on the top left – you can just see the rope in the feature shot – and do a short abseil into the upper pool.  There’s a larger long pool lower down – the canyoners swim down it to the final abseil descent – but it’s in the shade most of the day.

To get here park in the car park here and follow the red Canyoners exit route.  There’s a final easy roped section at the bottom.  You can see the pool on the Google or Bing satellite view.  The long pool is in deep shadow!  The Chateau de La Garde Guerin is within walking distance.

There are camp sites at Villefort and Prevencheres.  We stay at Pied-de-Borne in a tiny semi derelict camp site.

12 Upper Chassezac Gorge View

09 Upper Chassezac Gorge Main Pool

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