IMG_1590Pied-de-Borne is at the confluence of the Borne, Allier and Chassezac rivers.  There are pools and a water chute with whirlpool [featured in the main picture] in the village.  From here you can explore the three rivers.  There are several big pools on the Chassezac 2 – 3 kms above the town – see the Upper Chassezac post.  Take the small road next to the bridge to the car park and then follow the river on the footpath.

There are pools on the Allier and the Borne [locally called the Madelaine].

There’s a small semi derelict campsite – find a spot and pay at the café near the bridge.  The village has a well provisioned shop.

Google link to location

IMG_161332. Pied de Born

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