The Dourbie Gorge

55. Dourbies Gorge ViewThe Dourbie is one of several tributaries of the Tarn flowing off the south western flank of the Cevennes.  It’s the wildest and probably least visited.  Approach from the west from St Jean-de-Bruel, or from the east from Mt Aigoual.  There are municipal camp sites near St Jean-de-Bruel and Dourbies.  The main gorge runs from Dourbies down to St Jean-de-Bruel.  The main approaches are walks from the D114/D151A.  We’ve explored the upper to mid section, walking down the gorge from the Dourbies camp site following a reasonable path.

There is a beautiful section of pools with waterfalls and drops about 2 km below the campsite [see the main photo].  You can scramble and jump down quite a way.

Following the path for another approx. 2 km brings you to a ridge as the river swings away to the right.  Follow the path down the ridge and watch out for a side path to the right with water below.  This brings you to the very deep pool pictured below, called locally The Marmit Geant [Giant Cauldron].

49. Marmit Geant Pool Dourbies Shower

Towards the bottom of the gorge you can take the path down to pools close to the Taylac Mine.   We haven’t been there yet, but plan to visit another year.

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