The Tapoul is a small tributary of the Tarn, flowing north off Mt Aigoual.  The D119 follows the river from Cabrillac down to Rousses.  There’s a small basic camp site at Rousses on the bank of the Tarnon.  What looks little more than a stream on the map flows through a small gorge before emerging to join the Tarnon above Rousses.  The pool in the main picture is at the bottom of the gorge just above the confluence.  You reach it by parking on a bend in the road at La Brasque, descending to the Tarnon, and then walking back upstream to the Tapoul.  Climb up the rocks on the right of the Tapoul to get to the pool.  You can see the pools on Google Earth.

Canyoners drop in at Massevaques.  UTube canyoning link

Google Maps

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