Canon del Vero in the Sierra de Guara


River walking below the Puente de Villacantal

In the Sierra de Guara between Lecina and Alquezar, the Rio Vero flows through a deep canyon – the Canon del Vero.  The canyon has some good swimming holes and lots of river walking.

The river emerges from springs just below Lecina and flows as a small river through the canyon.  In most img_2203places it’s shallow, but there are deep holes and slots at various points.  You can walk/swim all the way from Lecina down to Alquezar, or enter the canyon from the bottom at Alquezar.

You’ll need a wet suit as the water is cold.  In the canyon you either walk along the bank under tall cliffs or wade through the water.

GR1 follows a narrow section of the canyon near Alquezar along steel walkways.  You can walk from Alquezar to Puente de Villacantal, and then walk/swim down the canyon.  There’s a swimming hole just above the bridge in a slot section of the canyon, and various deep pools under the steel walkway section.


Deep hole below Lecina

img_2143Walkway above Weir Pool below Alquezar

img_2120Canyon above Alquezar


Pool above Puente de Villecantal

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