Barranco de la Peonera – Rio Alcanadre


Molino de Bierge

The Rio Alcanadre has some of the best swimming spots in the Sierra de Guara.   The Molino de Bierge, a 12 metre high semi natural waterfall with pools above and below, is the honeypot.  It’s close to the road so very busy at peak times in the summer months.  To get away from the crowds you need to walk up into the Peonera Canyon.  Take lunch – there are some beautiful spots to go and spend the day.

To get into the canyon, go out of the back of the car park at Molino de Bierge (through the almond groves) and follow a track on the hillside above.  It’s a dirt road to a viewing spot with disabled parking.  There are two options:

1 – Drop down almost immediately on a track back to the river bed and then follow the river upstream.  After getting you feet wet. you will come to a deep slot pool cut into the sandstone (main picture and picture below).  You can climb along the sides or swim.  Continue above this to a deeper set of pools on a bend with big jumps from the rocks.  This will take you about half an hour.

wp_20160929_14_53_01_proFirst deep pool

2 – Follow the track to the viewing platform (you can cycle this far).  Keep going until you reach a tracking dropping down into the gorge signed the Fuente de la Tamara (Tamara Spring).  Cross the river over big stones and follow the river on the far bank to a picnic table at the spring.  This is a beautiful spot.  You can swim up and explore the slot canyon above and jump off the rocks/cliffs.  This will take 1.5 hours each way.


Fuente de la Tamara


Slot Canyon above Fuente de la Tamara

img_2266Fuente de la Tamara and the entry into the slot canyon

You can go to the Tamara Spring and then go all the way down the canyon.  You won’t need ropes, but there are tricky sections through a rock chaos and a scramble over a slot section.



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