Rodellar in the Sierra de Guara


Bottom Pool of the Barrasil Canyon

Rodellar is at the end of a 30km dead end road in the heart of the Sierra de Guara.  It’s a canyoning and climbing mecca.  There are serious canyons and big rock walls within the canyons.  There’s also some good swimming in the Barrasil Canyon on the Rio Alcanadre.

The most accessible swimming is at the base of the Barrasil Canyon.  From the camp site (Camping de Puente) cross the bridge (Puente de Pedruel) and walk up the right bank.  You will soon come to the pool shown in the photo above.  If you swim up the pool you will see a small side canyon coming in from the right.  This is the Mascun Inferior Canyon.  You can walk to the bottom section of this canyon and swim down it.  Take the footpath from the camp site up the ridge on the east side of the river.  About 15 minutes brings you to the Puente de las Cabras.  Drop down on the southern bank into the canyon – it’s normally dry at this point and walk down to the flooded section.  The picture below shows me in it.  Swim down it to join the Barrisil Canyon.


The swim at the bottom of the Mascun Inferior Canyon


The top section of the Bottom Pool of the Barrasil Canyon


There are some pools about 2 km higher up that you can get to by swimming and walking up from the bottom pool.  I haven’t been to them yet but you can see there here.

The main picture is of the famous Dolphin Rock in the Mascun Canyon just above Rodellar.

A note – the canyons are deep, narrow and mostly run north-south, so the sun is only in them between 11 am and 2 pm.

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